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Ultimate Bull Rider

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Worlds top young bull riding athletes go head to head in the first match challenge bull riding format in history for pro and amateur bull riders patented by Rank Ride Inc. and CEO and founder Bonner Bolton. Bonner created this platform to showcase the most talented athletes in the world to give control and authority back to the athletes and the fans where PBR and corporations have taken over the sport for their own cooperate agendas to take control of the western world. These are people who are not cowboy and do not have cowboys best interest at heart. So Bonner is fighting the good fight for the heart of western to bring about a revival of the American west and every American who loves thief freedom. Ultimate Bull Rider is the future of professional bull riding and extreme sports. In this video you will see rising stars John Crimber and Wacey Schalla battle head to head in two rounds of competition for $10,000!